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The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said and never explained.Unknown


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Brandon Vance Dingley-Mitzel who was born in Pittsburgh Pa. and passed away on December 17, 2006. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Brandon was born in Pittsburgh April of 1982 to Nannette Dingley and John Mitzel.

Brandon was given the name Brandon Vance Dingley-Mitzel.

Brandon has three sisters;   Melissa Wade, Amanda Faust, and Brittany Mitzel

Brandon has three brothers; J. Brian Faust Jr. , Stephen Mitzel, and Jacob Popp

Brandon was an uncle. He has a niece Alaina Wade and a nephew Brennan Wade



I am Brandons oldest sister. I made this site for Brandon. Brandon was my baby when he was born. I was so happy to have a baby brother. I read to him, sang to him, and always wanted to hold him. Brandon called me Ninny because he couldnt say Missy. He was a beautiful baby. And always sweet. It is hard for us to believe he is gone. He was happy to be an uncle to my daughter and my son. He was very happy when I named my son after him. He loved little ones. Brandon was very good with children.

Without him I am not whole. A piece of me was stolen when he was killed. He was taken from me twice but this time I cant get him back. I miss him and I want him back. There is no way to describe how it feels to lose someone who is a part of you. Nobody can understand how his brothers and sisters feel. I will never let him be forgotten





 "The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them"







Latest Memories
Staci Parker

Hey Brandon,


I been thinking about you alot lately,I cant believe you been gone so long,i still talk to your mom and your sister,and they miss you so much....Well i got into hospital as a medical asst you would have been so proud of me,and robbie is gettin so big you would just love him he is alot like u and reminds me of you everyday and its so hard.....Well wanted to say i love you and miss you

Staci Rein-Parker

I have known Brandon for almost 7 years .,....He always made you laugh when you were down or crying..I been talking to your sister and Mom and Brandon they miss you so much they wish you were still here with us...Brandon  was suppose to see my son grow up and be apart of his life my son will be 5 soon but im sure he is looking down on him and smiling...Also im graduating from college soon and he always wanted to be there for me but i know he will be there in spirt for me....I always will remember you and the good times we have had....Love ya


Staci Parker (Nee: Rein)
I have known brandon for 5 years...We were close,we always talked,and we hung out,and when i needed someone he was always there for me,He always made you laugh and always opend up his heart to you,And if Madonna was on he would call u on the phone and make sure ur watchin her just like he is and your happy like he is..HE always called and changed his voice up it was so funny it would make you laugh.I remember when he showed up at my house all in glitter with braclets on and all dressed for the club that nite he was so happy and knew he looked good.he was always in school makin people laugh and everyones friend!!!!!! i miss him so much i wish he would just ring my phone right now and make me laugh so i could hear his voice one more time.and say goodbye to him......
Melissa, Brandon's big sister
Brandon and me during one of his visits here.
Melissa, Brandons big sister

Brandon was taken from his family one year ago today. It was a horrible time in all our lives. Today is a sad day for all of us as well. It is so hard to lose someone like Brandon. I miss him.

                                         December 17, 2007

Latest Condolences
Linda & Alfredo grieving parents March 9, 2007
May God give you the strenght to get through each day.We undrestand and share your pain of the loss of a child.We lost our son Felipe,he was 7yrs old he was struck by lightening and passed way 5-27-01.
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Brian, me holding Brandon, and Mandy Me and Brandon Brandon, such a handsome young man!